First day at France

On Monday 23rd September, we had to travel on the coach from school to Folksten. Then we drove onto the euro tunnel for 40 minutes after that we came off and started to drive for an other hour. Finally we arrived at the hostal and we went straight up to our rooms. The staff of the hostal showed us the fire exit. When we settled down it was 7:00 and we went for a walk to the beach and played some wackey races we played one called dizzy lizzys. Then it was 9:00 and we had a slow walk back to the hostal we had a shower and Miss Jackson platted the girls hair. At about 11:00 we went to bed.

Yesterday it took about 5 half hours to get here. We set off at half past 7. First we got on the coach for 4 hours, then we got on the euro tunnel, after that we had to go on the coach for a bit longer. Then we got here it is so awesome. The beds are so comfy also, I share a room with Jay, Kieran, Jonas and Mathew.

Today we went to the bakery and made bread. After that we went the beach. We had a sand castle competition. Emmie’s team won because they made a spar. When we got back we had are lunch. After lunch I started this blog.