The Tour Enroute Home

We are at the terminal of the Eurotunnel and we are about to board the train.  We have had our passports checked and we are looking forward to the train journey.  We have had an amazing time but now we need your help.

Please visit and tell us what you thought of our blogs from France.  Please take the time to tell us if you enjoyed sharing our experiences.  Your comments are appreciated.  We will see you all soon.

Yesterday it took about 5 half hours to get here. We set off at half past 7. First we got on the coach for 4 hours, then we got on the euro tunnel, after that we had to go on the coach for a bit longer. Then we got here it is so awesome. The beds are so comfy also, I share a room with Jay, Kieran, Jonas and Mathew.

Today we went to the bakery and made bread. After that we went the beach. We had a sand castle competition. Emmie’s team won because they made a spar. When we got back we had are lunch. After lunch I started this blog.

Boulangerie Visit, Beach And Rest

We visited a boulangerie this morning and were shown how it is run by the owner.  He explained how the equipment works and the children asked many questions. The children made bread and they were given some croissant and pain au chocolate to eat.

We went to them beach to make sand castles and now we are having a rest before lunch. Some of the boys went to rest in the garden.image

Our First Evening In France

We have had a lovely first day in France.  The children have settled in to their dorms and we have been playing games on the beach for two hours.  We have all been fed and the children are all getting showered before bed.  All that remains is for us to have some hot chocolate before bed.  A well earned rest is due for the children as we have a very busy day tomorrow.

We appreciate the comments that have been left and we hope you come and see what we have been doing.  The children have been a credit to their families and we have had many compliments from the staff about the lovely behaviour they have seen.  We will upload pictures soon so please come back soon.