War Memorial

France is really cool but I can’t wait to get home to see my friends and family! JUST TO BE CLEAR FRANCE IS AWESOME. Today we have been to a war memorial and also underground In some shelters that the soldiers his in while they were fighting for their contry. There were lots of really long and really short tunnles that the newzeland people built and it took them 3days. There was also lots of numbers and letters on the wall that directed and showed soldiers where to go. This was because it was so big.

By Heather Year 6

France trip

On Wednesday we went to some thing like a mine what the put dishes in.they showed us all where they do stuff like the mine shaft and chalks where holding the mine and when he showed us that we went back on the bus and went to another mine place in the world war what we were looking at was WW1 so at the other mine there was a lift and went we went down there was a mirro and when we looked at it TV came on and it was with music and we went deeper down and there was a map and oven deeper deeper down there was more TV with lights next.we saw this whigt thing with 1000 thousand names on and then we went to the toilet then went back on the bus to the centre.


Today we have learnt all about the world war 1. We also went underground and discovered another mystical world. The brave New Zealand solders built tunnels to surprise the enemy which was the German solders. We learnt loads about the amazing world war 1!

The war memorial

The war memorial was very big we saw mother Canada and we saw lots of people’s names. on the stone there was thousand of peoples’s names who fought for France to save there country. And my great great grandfather was in that war.

Le Boves, Wellington Quarry And Vimy Ridge

The children have had a very busy day today that started with a visit to Arras, which has caves under the Town Hall.  The caves date back to 12th Century and have been used for many things, including storage fo merchants and a refuge Thor the local people during The War.  Our tour was interesting and we will be adding pictures tonight.

We visited Wellington Quarry which was used to create tunnels to hide soldiers during preparation for the Battle Of Arras.  The tunnels were created by Miners from New zealand.  The tunnels were all named after New Zealand cities.  The tunnels helped the allies attack the Germans with the element of surprise.  We stood in the tunnels that the soldiers went out from to fight.  British soldiers lived in Wellington Quarry for 8 days before the battle.  It was very moving to stand in a place where many soldiers stood ready to fight.  We thought about the many soldiers who died.

We visited Vimy Ridge, where there is a memorial to Canadian Soldiers who died in the battle.  Vimy was significant because of the tactics in battle that were used.  Many had died at the Somme previously and we found out that the Canadians used tunnels to protect soldiers from fence my fire and ensure they could rehearse battle plans before the fight.  All soldiers knew the plan and all of them were given maps.  The only secret was the date.  Heavy guns were targeted by the allies and machine gun fire was used randomly to stop the Germans responding.

The Canadians and allies used a rolling barrage, ensuring that the artillery from their own army bombarded the Germans in front of them as they advanced.  The Germans fired artillery over the top of the advancing Canadians, thus causing little damage.

The Germans were pounded by artillery fire for a week before the battle and this was called the week of misery.  The commander of the Canadians ensured the Germans were defeated because off careful planning that has influenced military planning to the present day.

We had an amazing day and we will be going on a night hike soon.  Please check back for pictures later.  We would love comments.