When I went to to France I really enjoyed it.When we did the activities I enjoyed doing that.But when we went on the beach we did some games the first night.Then the second morning we went to the bakery and they told us how to make croissants.Did you know that croissants where actually made in Austria?Then they gave us a croissants to take home with us.After that the coach driver took us to the beach and at the beach we made sandcastles and we got to eat the croissants there.

The Tour Enroute Home

We are at the terminal of the Eurotunnel and we are about to board the train.  We have had our passports checked and we are looking forward to the train journey.  We have had an amazing time but now we need your help.

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Today we all had a disco because it is our last day in France. We had coke,lemonade and loads of sweets a twix ,mars bar and skittles. There are also backpacks,pens and pencils. The disco is 7 until 9 and we played musical statues.

by Matthew Class 6