The Tour Enroute Home

We are at the terminal of the Eurotunnel and we are about to board the train.  We have had our passports checked and we are looking forward to the train journey.  We have had an amazing time but now we need your help.

Please visit and tell us what you thought of our blogs from France.  Please take the time to tell us if you enjoyed sharing our experiences.  Your comments are appreciated.  We will see you all soon.

8 thoughts on “The Tour Enroute Home

  1. Hello,
    We’ve really enjoyed sharing your videos,photos..Keep up to date with what you’ve been doing..(We’re a bit jeaulous,we wanted to be there with you…)
    I wasn’t sure about if I let Ozan go to France but I am glad l did.We can see,you have had wonderful time.
    Have a nice journey..Can’t wait to hear all about it…

  2. I have been really happy with the updates from the blog, the pictures have really put my mind at rest that josh has really enjoyed himself, it has been put together very well and couldn’t have asked for anything more, i am so pleased i let him have this experience and thank you for giving him the oppotunity, and for looking after him. Just can’t wait to see him now.

  3. I have loved being able follow the childrens adventures in France and the pictures have been amazing and have made me feel a part of the adventure.Seeing the children enjoying themselves eases the worries of being apart from our little ones.Just an idea but would love a get together/disco/ slideshow back at school for the kids/parents so could all reflect on the fab experience.

  4. Thank you for sharing the trip with us , It felt like we were there with you. Although we mostly only saw the back of our sons head we could tell he was fine .
    Amanda & Karl Hague

  5. To Mr Huthart, Mrs Mercer, Miss Williams and Miss Jackson
    I have been at Norbridge for just over a year and sometimes have been a bit nervous (as Miss Williams would agree) but i am really glad now that i went to France. I had such a brilliant time. I enjoyed the obstacle course the most, but i did enjoy everthing really, and have done things i wouldn’t have normally done. Thankyou for looking after me and giving me the experience at PGL

  6. Thought that the blog was fantastic. Had reservation about sending Heather due to reasons that teachers are aware of but pictures reassured me that all was ok once Heather decided to be filmed!!! Nice for Heather to look at too now she’s back at home. Wonderful journal of events.
    Thank you.

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