10 thoughts on “Disco Time

  1. Looks like you’ve had a great disco!! Lots of knee skidding from the boys!! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow Finlay to find out more about what you’ve been up to! We’ve missed you!! X X

  2. Hi Isabel,
    Glad you’ve had a fun packed last day in France. Hope you’ve not eaten too many sweets. Did you try the snails?
    Hope you enjoyed the chocolatier today I bet it smelt yummy unlike the cheese farm, did you hold you nose. Archie would have been saying yuck all the time if he was there.
    Hope you had a good disco.
    See you tomorrow, we will all be eagerly awaiting your arrival back home.
    Luv mum, dad and Archie.

  3. hi alysha,
    just been watching all the videos from today love the expression with the snails!!!!!
    hope you tried one……. what an action packed last day you’ve had bet you’ll sleep well tonight xx
    missed you see you tomorrow xxx

  4. Hi Ozan,
    Did you try the snails? We have been watching all the videos..
    Have a safe journey home..Love you lots Ela,Mum and Dad.

  5. Hi everyone,

    It’s been great to keep up to date with what you’ve been doing on the blog. It looks like you have been having an amazing time.

    Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back to school!

    Mr Bellingham

  6. Hi jay n jack you looked like you all had a amazing time hope you enjoyed your disco carnt wait to hear about your adventures missed you both so much its been too quiet .safe journey home everyone love mum xxxx

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