10 thoughts on “Chocolaterie de Beussent

  1. Shannon says that looks lovely!
    Billy says, stop being greedy and bring me some.
    Millie says yum!
    Rose says that you are starting to make me hungry.

  2. I rilly liked yor video it was awesome and I liked the horse and the pigs too and the baby goats too. Esme got chocolate it’s funny on her nose. Did you have a lovely day? I think Esme is funny.

  3. Jay, that bar of chocolate your eating is as big as your hand, you shouldn’t eat that much, I think you should wrap the remainder back up and bring it home for me to eerrrrrr Test that’s it I need to test it to see if its ok, after all it may be contaminated with French bugs and germs. That’s my excuse anyway.

    See you tomorrow evening (With the remainder of the chocolate please?!#)
    Love you loads
    Dad x

  4. What a delicious day Scott!

    No doubt it was such a hot day that you had to eat all the chocolate before it melted, all in one go!

    Can not wait to have you back home, see you tomorrow, loads of love from all here at home. XXX

    • Hi Mum!
      I’ve had a really good week. Today was great we went to the chocolate factory and I bought some white chocolate shapes, they were yummy! I also went to a goats farm and saw loads of animals! At the end of the day we had a disco and I bought a hat and a bag and a Lollipop! Love you lots! Love Scott! Xxx

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