15 thoughts on “Night Hike

  1. hiya kieran and all. sounds like you all still very lively !!! lovely group picture in uniforms. very smart. great videos. smiles all the way. love watching and reading these. whats left to do tomorrow?? cant wait to hear all exciting things and your favourite visit. keep enjoying and smiling !! bonne nuit ! love mum and h xxxxxxxx

  2. Your a noisy bunch, so pleased your having a really fun time Charlotte and Sam and all your friends, been to grandmas today to show her all the stuff you’ve been getting up too, love you both so much, keep having a great time xxx can’t wait to see you both, love you loads, love mum xxx m says hi too 🙂 xxx

    • Hello mum having a great time so is Charlotte were having are disco now. We can’t
      wait to see you tomorrow missing you loads love you,
      by xxxx from Sam and Charlotte

  3. What was that you all said ? Sounds like your all enjoying yourselves. Make the most of tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you to hear of all the stories. Have a good day thursday,lots to do I hope. Lots of love miss you Aunty Aina xxxxxx

  4. Sounds like your all having a amazing time especially the night hike what was you all saying .and you all look lovely in your school uniforms . See you both soon jay n jack love mum xxxx

  5. morning kieran and all. hope you recovered after the night hike ! Last full day of activities today so enjoy to the max ! will check back later to see what you have been up to !! love mum and h xxxxxxxx

    • Hi mum!
      I’ve had a great day! I’ve been to the chocolate factory and I bought some chocolate crisps! We are having an awesome disco right now and I’ve bought loads of sweets!!!! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow but I’ve got to go cos I’m having fun! Love you lots! From Kieran xxxx

  6. Hi Nicole, sounds like you all enjoyed the night hike last night, hope it made you all sleep well and ready to go for today’s travels whatever that will be so enjoy babe and I will see you tomorrow xxxxxxxx mum xxxx

  7. Hi Charlie, sounds like your all having a great time.Your photos look lovely we all wish we where there.Only one more sleep Charls.
    Miss you loads love from Mummy,Daddy & the boys. xxx

  8. Hi Alison. It was great to see you representing norbridge so well yesterday, we are very proud of you all. Enjoy your day today can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Lots of love from mum. Xxx

  9. Hi Nicole sounds like you are having a great time, hope you all slept well after the night hike. Enjoy today what ever you are doing and we will see you tomorrow. Love mum and dad xxx

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