War Memorial

France is really cool but I can’t wait to get home to see my friends and family! JUST TO BE CLEAR FRANCE IS AWESOME. Today we have been to a war memorial and also underground In some shelters that the soldiers his in while they were fighting for their contry. There were lots of really long and really short tunnles that the newzeland people built and it took them 3days. There was also lots of numbers and letters on the wall that directed and showed soldiers where to go. This was because it was so big.

By Heather Year 6

3 thoughts on “War Memorial

  1. Hi babe, Glad u finally got around to posting a blog and I can see u on a couple of photos today, AT LAST!!! Some more please!!!!
    Pleased to hear u missing us but having a wonderful time. Enjoy tomorrow and we will see you Friday, can’t believe how quick this weeks gone.
    Love u loads, mum, nanny, granddad, tink and crystal.xxx

  2. Rose says that sounds really fun.
    Kayleigh says, how long was the tunnel?
    Hannah wants to know how many New Zealanders it took to build the tunnels.

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