27 thoughts on “Le Cafe, Le Soir

  1. mmmmmm josh crepes, i’m betting yours was topped with chocolate spread or something like that, it looks like your getting spoilt, i would have chosen berries and more berries if there were any ha ha. Thankyou to whoever is taking the photos of you they have all been lovely. Lots of love mum, dad, Alana and Jack

  2. mmmmm i would have chocolate on mine the pictures are great keep them coming bet you had chocolate nicole. You look like your enjoying yourselves. lots of love mum dad and kayleigh xxxxxxxx

  3. Love the photos!! I’ve actually seen you on some of them now Finlay!!! You look like you are having a great time. I love pain au chocolat – we had some in Ingleton at the weekend didn’t we (I actually had far too many!!).
    I’m so jealous that you have been on the beach twice!! It has been sunny here today but unfortunately I have been to work and didn’t get to go to the beach!!
    I took Lewis to the Ashley for tea and to the cinema to see RIPD yesterday. It was good. We shared a big bag of M&M’s (sorry – we didn’t save you any!! I will get you some when you get back!!). Love you loads. Take care. Mum x x x x

    Hey Finbob. Heard you’re having a great time. Missing you lots. Loads of love your big brother, Lewis 😉

  4. hiya kieran and all. that chocolate looked yummy !!! not sure what topping you would have. probably all mixed knowing you !! i would have syrup on my crepe and also squirty cream and sprinkles on my hot choc !!! h would have salt on his crepe……. bit wierd i think but you know what he like !!! lots love mum and h xxxxxxxxx

  5. PS Hey Finlay!! We have written you some messages so write us a blog PLEASE!!! We want to hear what you think to your French experience so far!!!

    Love Mum and Lewis x x x xx

  6. I would have chosen nutella and I’m pretty sure Billy would have chosen that too. I think that a crepe with ice cream would also be good. I have loved seeing the photos of what you have been doing and hope that tomorrow brings more great adventures for you. Have a wonderful time Billy. Love you lots, mum and Leila x

  7. Hi Josh, Looks like you are having a great time, its good to see pictures of you all, looking forward to seeing what you do tomorrow. Lots of love Grandma and grandad xxxx

  8. Yum yum, we’re so jealous. Wish we were there with you having crepes and hot chocolate! No need to ask if you are enjoying yourself – the photos say it all.
    Love you
    Mum & Dad xxx

  9. Hi jay n jack sounds like your all having a fantastic time . Mmmm crepes I would have creme fraiche and strawberries on mine bet you two had chocolate . Love ya both mum xxxx

  10. Hi Paris I know you love hot chocolate and you must be having so much fun there. I love the updates we are getting of what you are doing each day with the pictures and videos. We miss you lots and lots love from Mum, dad, Katy and George xxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Hi Isabel,
    Hope you enjoyed your real French crepe I know how much you love them at home. Me and Archie would have had a chocolate filling and your dad would have had syrup.
    We all watched bake off last night it was a French theme too.
    Hope you are still having a fab time, if you read this blog we would luv to here back from you as we can’t get any pictures of what your up to on the iPad.
    Missing you.
    Love mum, dad and archie

  12. Good morning Alison. Had coffee with ann megan Chris and kath they all send their love. Have a fun day today. I will take a look and see what you have been up to later. Lots of love from mum. Xxx

  13. Logan would choose nutella chocolate spread
    Kayleigh would choose syrup
    Riley would have marshmallows, cream and cocoa powder
    Billy would have sugar and lemon juice
    Cowan would have chocolate spread, with syrup, chocolate chips, some random unhealthy stuff, sugar, whipped cream and cookies
    Hannah would choose ice cream and cream

  14. Hi Heather, I’m guessing you had Nutella being a Nutella girl!! Keeping up with all of the photos though you obviously camera shy as you only in the corner or background on most, get to the front so I can see you please….
    Everyone looks to be really enjoying themselves, just wish I was there with you.
    Love you babe. Mum.Tink and Crystal.xxx

  15. mmm, yummy, i would choose chocolate, all runny and delicious when it melts, i bet you did too Rhys! did you enjoy it? were there marsh mellows in your hot chocolate?

    Glad to see your having such a fab time, love Auntie Emma and Charlie x

  16. Mmm sounds delicious I would choose chocolate and strawberries I bet you chose chocolate spread I’ve looked at the photos and am pleased to see you all having a great time keep enjoying every minute love u nana xx

  17. Hi Hermione , been watching all the photos looks like your having lots of fun hope you are enjoying your trip think i’d want chocolate and strawberry’s on my crepe we’re all missing you keep having fun and enjoy yourself love mummy, daddy and Heath xxxxxxx

  18. well Leani you looked like you was having fun at the café with your hot chocolate and crepe, it looks yummy 🙂 bet you having so much fun,and enjoying all the things you doing,cant wait to see you.lots of love mum,trev and nicos xxx

  19. Hi Boys,

    I would have chosen Black Cherries and loads of cream, Grandad’s too grumpy to choose so I would have got him yummy ice cream with ice cream and a side serving of ice cream!!! and if there’s any left more ice cream on top.

    Its great to see you having a great time and we can’t wait to see you on Friday. Its been quiet in the cul-de-sac without to all here, poor old Lewis is missing you too leaving him all on his own.

    All our love
    Grandma & Grandad xxx

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