Boulangerie Visit, Beach And Rest

We visited a boulangerie this morning and were shown how it is run by the owner.  He explained how the equipment works and the children asked many questions. The children made bread and they were given some croissant and pain au chocolate to eat.

We went to them beach to make sand castles and now we are having a rest before lunch. Some of the boys went to rest in the garden.image

4 thoughts on “Boulangerie Visit, Beach And Rest

  1. looking cool in the sun Sam with all your friends xxx your going to come back 3 stone heavier at this rate lol xxx lv you xxx mum

  2. You are certainly being kept busy guys- have loads of fun and enjoy every minute- you will remember this visit for the rest of your lives, make memories!!!

  3. Hi Ellis it looks like you’re having lots of fun and doing lots of cool stuff so glad you got to experience it all and the pics and videos are certainly letting us know what u have been up to keep having fun love you lots mum and us all xxx

  4. Hi Jay and Jack,
    Hope you enjoyed making the bread but I bet it was better eating it. Ive been writing every day but can’t find my posts!!!! sorry Dad pressing the wrong buttons again,
    Take care and enjoy all of the things you are doing.
    I am so proud of you
    Love from Dad (Jamie) xxx

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