Yesterday it took about 5 half hours to get here. We set off at half past 7. First we got on the coach for 4 hours, then we got on the euro tunnel, after that we had to go on the coach for a bit longer. Then we got here it is so awesome. The beds are so comfy also, I share a room with Jay, Kieran, Jonas and Mathew.

Today we went to the bakery and made bread. After that we went the beach. We had a sand castle competition. Emmie’s team won because they made a spar. When we got back we had are lunch. After lunch I started this blog.

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  1. Hi Callum. Glad you’re having fun. That’s a great blog you’ve written.
    We’ve been rollerblading tonight – Lewis was in my group and we had Keith. He is so strict. He scares me!! He made us do fast skating into a pivot and I nearly fell over!!
    Went to the cinema yesterday with Lewis to watch RIPD. Lewis loved it!
    Take care and look after Finlay for me! Love Ellen and Lewis 🙂

  2. Hiya Callum! What a great blog. I hope you lot are behaving yourselves sharing a room. You really need to get on more photos, you are always in the background. Looks like you are having a great time, miss you lots
    Mum & Dad xx

    • Hi mum I’m missing you lots and having a great time. Today we went to the chocolate factory and we got to taste some awesome chocolate. After, we went to a cheese farm and we saw goats, a bull, chickens, a dog, some rabbits and some chicks that we could hold. I am have a disco now so see yeh mum!!!
      Love Callum!

  3. Hi Rowan what a fantastic time you are having, love seeing the brilliant photos and hearing about your days, memories to last a lifetime.
    See you soon lots of love Momma and Granddad xx

  4. That’s a great Blog Callum,
    It’s fantastic to see you all and it looks like you are having so much fun. I hope you are all behaving and your room is still tidy (NOT!!!). See you all on Friday when you get back.

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