Our First Evening In France

We have had a lovely first day in France.  The children have settled in to their dorms and we have been playing games on the beach for two hours.  We have all been fed and the children are all getting showered before bed.  All that remains is for us to have some hot chocolate before bed.  A well earned rest is due for the children as we have a very busy day tomorrow.

We appreciate the comments that have been left and we hope you come and see what we have been doing.  The children have been a credit to their families and we have had many compliments from the staff about the lovely behaviour they have seen.  We will upload pictures soon so please come back soon.

21 thoughts on “Our First Evening In France

  1. Hi Jonas. Glad to hear all’s well. Missing you loads! Z wishes that she was on the beach with you :0) Lin has eaten 3 crickets. Will keep messaging through the week, also on Twitter.
    Lots of love
    Mum & Dad

  2. So very glad to hear that all the children have travelled and settled well on the first day of their adventures. I suspect it has been a long day a good nights sleep is in order for you all! Looking forward to hearing about your experiences!
    Night all,

    ( for livs- night, night chicken xx)

  3. Bonjour! Sounds like you are already having lots of fun, if only we had a beach in Worksop…
    I look forward to seeing all of your pictures soon!

    Mr Bellingham

  4. Hi Olivia, glad you are having a great time and had fun on the beech!
    Have a good sleep so you are all ready for another fun day tomorrow.
    Be good and enjoy yourself.
    Love you lots, Mummy and Daddy xx

  5. Hi Esme, Hope you are having a wonderful time and having lots of fun…….we all miss you. The house is so quiet without you. Can’t wait for you to come home and tell us all about your trip.
    Lots of love, Mum, Dad, Alex and Charlie. xxx

  6. Glad your all settled Charlotte and Sam, missing you lots xxx wish I was at the beach with you 🙂 xxx hope you have fun tommorow xxxxx love you both loads xxx

  7. Hi Heather,
    Hope you’re having a fantastic time, Tink and Crystal say hello. It’s VERY quiet here , I’m managing to get lots of home work done. Have a brilliant week babe.
    Love mum and the doggies. Xx

  8. Hi Ozan..We miss you lots. Ela keeps asking you..She says; I want to go to France. .Just enjoy your trip,had lots of fun..Love you…Mum and Dad

  9. Bonjour Callum , Glad to hear that you all arived safely, sounds like you are having a good time . We miss you lots, but know that you will be having lots of fun. Hope you enjoy your adventures .
    Love you ! Mum &Dad x

  10. Hi Theo,hope you have enjoyed your first day in France and the games on the beach.Dont stay up talking all night to Sam,get some sleep!!See you soon xxxxxx

  11. Glad you all arrived safe hope the journey was good. You look very happy on the beach. Enjoy yourself and come back with lots to tell us. Lots of love Aunty Aina xxxx

  12. Hi Ellis glad you all got there safe and had lots of fun already. Kalli-Grace wouldn’t go to bed earlier without you. Keep havin fun love you lots love us all xxxx

  13. Hi Nicole,
    Hope you are having a fantastic time, been looking at pictures they look great. Have a great time tomorrow.
    love mum dad kayleigh and the dogs xx

  14. Hi Jay, Jack, Callum, Finley & everyone else (Kids and Grown Ups too),
    Its great to hear you’ve arrived safely and have been enjoying yourselves on the beach. Get some rest tonight as you’ve got a busy week ahead, Love you all Dad (Jamie) xxxx

  15. hi kieran and all. hope slept well and eager to explore france. looking forward to reading about it all later. enjoy your first french petit dejeuner. love mum and h xxxxxx

  16. Bonjour Billy, ca va? Great to see you having so much fun. The beach looks beautiful and I really wish I was there with you. Have a great time, love you very much. Mum and Leila x

  17. Good morning Alison. Hope you had a good night’s sleep. Have a great day today. We are looking forward to reading about your adventures later. Have lots of fun love from mum. Xxxxx

  18. That sounds fun. I hope you are enjoying yourself. What games have you been playing? What is the beach like? How is everyone else?

    From Hannah Butler

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