20 thoughts on “First Day Photos

  1. great pics weather looks lovely u lucky things 🙂 hope u get some rest and sleep well xx ps poppy has taken over your tv remote lol

  2. Looks like a beautiful spot – with an Indian summer perhaps? The children look like they are having great fun – just lovely to see everyone!

  3. hi kieran and all. looked great fun on the beach. loved the letters spelling norbridge. well done. loved the E especially !!!! the sun set looked brill was it real ??!

  4. For some reason I can’t see the photos, but it sounds like you have had a great first evening, hopfully its just me not doing it right, heh josh I’m no good with technology ha ha, but as I click on the link its a black screen 🙁

  5. Looks really beautiful wish I was there to and looks like your all having lots of fun and thanks for sharing the video for us to see them enjoying themselves 🙂 xxx

  6. Great to see your photos everyone! You look like you are having a lovely time – would love to be on the beach instead of going to work!!

    Make sure you enjoy every minute!!

    (Missing you Finlay!! Love you!)
    Ellen (Finlay’s Mum!)

  7. Yipeeee! found the photo’s. I will have to start using the computer in future. Great to see you looking happy Josh! 🙂 What a great first evening you have had, look forward to seeing more xx

  8. You all look to be having a fantastic time. It’s quiet here, too quiet! Have a wonderful week Nicole, miss you and your noise!
    Love Kayleigh! 🙂 xx

  9. Well its great to see the kids enjoying themselves and know that they are really missing us all back in sunny Worksop!!!!!!! Enjoy the rest of the week Matthew

    Loads of luv Mum n Beth x

  10. Brilliant to see everyone having such a good time. Z was very happy to see a picture of you Jonas :0) Hope that you have a fantastic time today. Mum & Ziva

  11. Hello Scott and everyone, great to see you on the photo. What a wonderful beach, looks like great fun. Sounds like an exciting day ahead today. Take care, be safe and have FANTASTIC FUN!! Loads of love, X

  12. Mornin babe, hope u ready for a full day of activities today. I had the babies on the bed last night but still felt funny without u here. Make sure u get sleep and have a fantastic fun filled week.
    Can’t wait to hear about it all on Friday.
    Love u, mum, Tink and Crystal.xx

  13. Hi Isabel,
    Glad to see you are enjoying your time so far in France, have you tried have you tried snails yet?
    Enjoy your first full day. Will blogg again soon so keep a look out for us. Missing you loads. Have fun on your trips.
    Love mum, dad and Archie.
    P.S. Archie says don’t forget to buy him a present. You know what your brothers like.

  14. Hi Isabel,
    Glad to see you are enjoying your time so far in France, have you tried snails yet?
    Enjoy your first full day.
    Missing you loads.
    Archie says don’t forget his present.
    Will blog again soon, so keep an eye out for us.
    Love mum, dad and Archie

  15. Hello Scott – we’ve seen you at the bakery on the photos. Did it taste good? Daddy is jealous and wants to be there too and tells me to write “Daddy’s little baby!” A bakery and a beach – absolute heaven. We are so happy that you’re having such a brilliant time. Thank you to the organizers for such an opportunity for the children.

    Love Mum, Dad, Roman, Gandor and Gingy XXX

  16. Hi Ella F.

    We miss you loads, looks like your enjoying France, can not wait to hear all about it. Granddad says is there an elephant about?
    Hope your eating well.
    Love Nan & Granddad xxx

  17. Hi Leani

    Hope u enjoying France, sounds like you very busy and having lots of fun,,
    We all missing you, can’t wait to see you Friday 🙂
    Love mum,trev and nicos xxx

    All your friends missing you too and can’t wait to see you,they bored without you,it’s too quiet!!! Haha xx

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