22 thoughts on “Bon Voyage Tout Le Monde

  1. Have a nice & safe journey and great time in France…We are looking forward to seeing your photos. We are going to miss you Ozan….

  2. Hello there alison. Hope you’ve all had a safe journey and behaved perfectly lol. We are missing you loads already. Love from mum Andy and little harley sends big hugs. Xxx

  3. Hope you all got there safe and sound. Hope you all have a fantastic time with lots of adventures. Love and miss you see you when get back Ellis love from mum and everyone xxxx

  4. Bonjour Theo,hope you have arrived safely in France and enjoyed travelling through the tunnel.I will be checking the blog daily to see what you are getting up to….have fun,stay safe and AU REVOIR!!!***Its quiet here without you***

  5. Hi josh, glad to hear you all arrived safely, I bet the eurotunnel was an experience. I bet now you have arrived in France you are all eager to get stuck into your activities. I am looking forward to hearing what your first one will be. Don’t forget to try the escargots, ha ha. We love you and have a fantastic time xxx

  6. hi ella, hope you are enjoying yourself, Keirs missing you, i will keep checking back to see what you are up to xxx Love you loads Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. hope you enjoying france. dont forget to try frog legs and snails as promised !!!! enjoy every minute. love mum and h. xxxxx BONNE NUIT !!!!!!

  8. Hi kieran. hope you enjoying france. dont forget to try the frog legs and snails as promised !!!! enjoy every minute. love mum and h xxxxxx BONNE NUIT !!!!!!

  9. Hi Rhys

    Hope you are enjoying your stay in France.
    Me and Sebastian are missing you lots already.

    Can’t wait to here all about it.

    Love Mummy & Seb x x x

  10. Hi Theo hope your enjoying yourself in France can’t wait to see you again on Friday. Ethan and mum say its too quiet at home without you. Will have to make plenty of noise when you get back ( as usual). Love you and take care NEZ

  11. Hi Finlay and everyone else!! So jealous to see you have been on the beach and it looks like it has been quite warm there.
    Where were you on the photos Finlay?! You and your brother always seem to avoid the camera!
    I have been out for tea and to the cinema with your brother. I think he is missing you (although he probably wouldn’t admit it!). I am definitely missing you and not ashamed to admit it!!! Be good and have lots of fun!!! Make sure you are on the next photos so I can see you are still there and haven’t gone missing or anything!!!!
    Have you tried frogs’ legs yet?!!
    Au revoir!! Mum x x x (and Lewis) x x x

  12. Hi jay n jack really glad you got there safely. And wish I was on the beach with you so so jealous . Enjoy every moment in France and I will check blogs daily love you both millions n miss you both so much love mum xxxx oh a woof from roxy xxxxx

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